The Puck Penthouse, New York City

Puck me dead, this place, I can't with this place. The listing calls it "The Crown Jewel of SoHo" and I'd say they've gotten it right.

The Puck Penthouse, 293 Lafayette Street, New York City

First of all, if you're interested in this place, click here for broker info. Otherwise prepare to be impressed. Monthlies are bonkers but if you've got USD$66 USD$58.5million to buy this place, I'm sure the monthlies won't bother you too much.

It seems as though this place has been styled for the campaign and it is utterly beautiful although there are some things I would change if I actually lived there. I have to say though, the kitchen really does it for me. And I want to marry the cooker.


(click pictures to enlarge/launch floorplan)

Those tiles on the ceiling, I love them. 

The cooker....


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