Amy Schumer wins again

I finally saw Trainwrecked last night and utterly loved it. Not to get all movie review-ish but it managed to be funny while avoiding all the usual cliches. Suffice to say, Amy Schumer is a Boss as well as a sexy biznatch. And she has great taste in real estate too. This place could be mistaken for just a really nice one bedroom apartment but check out the roof deck! And it has a guest powder room with internal laundry plus the location is utterly prime, it's right behind the Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium.

The price guide was supposed to be over USD$2 million however the listing page says the property is "permanently off market". I'm not sure what that means but given all the pictures and listing text have been taken down, it's safe to say you wouldn't be able to buy this. Also, this building doesn't allow pets. Boo to that. Pictures are courtesy of Curbed

Amy Schumer's Place, West 80th Street, NYC


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