Modern Beachfront Masterpiece

7 Myola Road, Newport NSW
I think this property is a big deal. I'm not a huge fan of really modern places with lots of hard surfaces but even I'm impressed by this house. It is totally beachfront at south Newport Beach, an honour it shares with only four other properties, one of which has been featured on this blog and holds the distinction of being the most viewed post ever on this site.
For more information on 7 Myola Road, Newport, click here.


 Oh, one other thing. This place has the underfloor heating. You know how I love the underfloor heating.



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  2. Stunning. It's a great beach Newport and that's a special strip there. Half of the clicks on Myola Rd stuff is probably me. Choosing between this and 1 wouldn't be a bad problem to have. Keep up the good work.


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