Oh girl, you fancy.

Sorry but how many ways can you say 'really bloody expensive harbour front home'? 

Summer is just about upon us down here in Sydney and wouldn't it be nice to have summer in this house? Yes, it's slightly more contemporary than I usually like and (don't freak out) in my opinion, it's verging on being dated just a teeny, tiny bit but only in a few spots. It's still stunning and shits all over my house but if this were mine, I would do some very minor updates. I'm sure if I did some basic googling I could find out who owns this but I can't really be bothered and anyway, who cares?

PS - A+ pool.

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  1. Long time no visit. Love this place and agree it's a shade dated (Ikea-y wood shade for mine). I had my eye on this place for a while but couldn't stump the cash. Trivia: di Caprio rented this when he was in Sydney; built and sold by Alastair Walton of Goldmans now Australia's Consul-General in Houston, who copped a circa $1m bill from OSR for unpaid land tax for slyly renting it (done in by dispute with tenant over idiot relative staying in guesthouse who may be the same one he then bought a Leichhardt warehouse for); sold to Chinese for $36m.

    1. I had heard that about di Caprio! Was this the place he ended up moving from?
      You're correct about the wood, it's not ok and there's too much of it. The 90's called and it wants its wood back.


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