Gorgeous terrace in Neutral Bay

OK final post for today and a quick word about the property market in Sydney. What's it going to do? I'm pretty bloody good at predicting where it's going to go but I honestly have no idea at the moment. I have noticed a slight slow down but that's not exactly news. What will be interesting is seeing if that slow down carries through to the new year's selling season. I suspect the market will remain buoyant but I also think we've seen an end of the frenzy.

104 Kurraba Road, Neutral Bay NSW 

I've loved this place for a long time. It's not an infrequent visitor to the market but as you'll note by the selling price (AUD$3.75M), it's not exactly a slum. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's been updated since the last sale and it's been done well. I guess the drawback is that it's on a busy-ish road (the 'back way' between the Harbour Bridge and the lower north shore) but that certainly wouldn't put me off. It's slightly too beige for me but that's just the decoration which, I strongly suspect, is a style for sale job. 

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