Park Life

1 & 2, 22 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY

Yet another NYC trophy home but this one is actually 2 homes in 1 or, put another way, half a townhouse. Essentially it's a building of 3 units and this listing is the prime unit as well as a smaller unit on the basement level (with private access), perfect for guest or staff accommodation. The interiors are utterly sublime and the Elliman listing tells me we have Eric Cohler to thank for this. Thanks Eric.
The building is directly on Gramercy Park and as such, comes with a rare and coveted key to the actual park which is the only private park in Manhattan and one of only 3 private parks in all of New York state. Gramercy Park is held in common by the owners of the 39 surrounding buildings. For an annual fee, each lot gets 2 keys and locks are changed annually to ensure the yearly assessment of $7,500 is paid. I'm also told that the keys are nigh on impossible to copy. If you're desperate for a peek at this park, it is open every Christmas eve.
More info here. As with all Elliman listings, it really is worth clicking through to their photo gallery, especially if you're on a desktop. The full page pictures are stunning, especially when viewed on a high definition monitor.


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