Saddle up in Palm Beach

This house sits directly on the saddle top of Palm Beach. What does "saddle top" mean? If you know Palm Beach, you will know there's a road that goes from the ocean to Pittwater and it goes up and over a hill and the ridge of that hill is quite narrow. And this house is one of only 2 houses that sit astride that hill aka saddle top. So there you go. 

I'm actually completely stoked that this has come on the market again as I watched it being built a few years ago and was desperate to see the marketing pictures but it was sold before it even hit the market!  And for $14 million which was kind of a miracle as it sold in a really bad market. For more property gossip about this place (and a few others) click here to read Lucy Macken's column on Domain. And for more information on the property, click here to see the listing. 

Oh and this house? I like it very, very much. 

PS - top marks on the listing photos.

167 Pacific Road, Palm Beach NSW Australia

Oh wow, those tiles are perfect. 


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