Glencairn, Neutral Bay

Hi there, sorry, have been overseas again. But I'm back now so don't fret.

27 Harriette Street, Neutral Bay NSW Australia

I have loved this next property for a long time but had never seen into it. In fact I was only ever able to get glimpses of the outside as it's set way back from the road (on the harbourside road between Mosman and the Harbour Bridge) and right on a corner. The kind of corner where it's best to keep an eye on where you're going. And I actually thought it was gone as last I'd seen it was a construction site and I no longer live in that area. For information on the property and its recent history, click here.

Anyway, this place doesn't disappoint. It's maybe a tad more beige than I love but other than that, it's pretty much perfect. Speculation on price has this in the $18-20 million range. Click here for the listing details/to find out why it's worth that much. 


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