Contemporary Paddington Masterpiece

106 Glenmore Road, Paddington NSW

I do tend to favour the older, character places but this house is utterly lush. My Google exploits tell me that it was built from the ground up within the last few years and they've done a brilliant job of it. And extra special props for the external doors. As I've said many times before, bi-fold doors, as pretty as they are, just are not practical. Yet they're so common. Are they that much cheaper than sliders? I guess you get more of an opening (relative to the available space) with bi-folds but regardless, I still much prefer sliders, even if only for practicality. You can screen bi-folds with phantom screens but they are not cat-proof nor are they axe murderer proof. And I'm not even being super paranoid, I had a guy try to break into my old place at Mosman (a very good neighbourhood for my non-local readers) and there's no way that psycho didn't know I was home. My current house has similar, big sliders and hardcore, Amplimesh screens. By the way, and this is NOT a paid plug, if you're in the Sydney area and you're looking for Amplimesh screens or other non-ugly security stuff, hit up Elite Home Improvements. They've done work for me at 2 different places and they've been fantastic. And I'm super hard to please.

By the way, I also love the storage in this place, the bedroom/wardrobe storage in particular. And A+ on the home theatre that manages to not be ugly. 

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