Paradise on the East River

Beekman Place Condo, 25 Beekman Place, New York NY

Before I start on this place, I just wanted to tell you about a show I watched tonight on Lifestyle Home called 'Real Homes of...'. I recorded it on the IQ thinking it would be another show on those big, ugly, grandiose houses that Americans seem to like. You know the kind, everything's over the top and just fecking huge and shiny. But nope, not this show. Whoever chooses the houses on that show has amazing taste. It's definitely worth a watch.

So onto this place and as you'll see from the pictures, this place is ALL about that outdoor space. The indoors are lovely, don't get me wrong but the terraces of this place are remarkable. With views up and down the East River and across to Brooklyn, whoever lives here is going to have tonnes of friends on Independence Day. As for the inside, it's lovely with house-like proportions and the master suite is utterly delicious.

More information here.


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