Absolutely perfect Arts and Crafts home in Pasadena, California

1315 South Oakland Avenue, Pasadena California

So I was having a poke around the Sotheby's website the other day and came across this Arts and Crafts classic in California. Houses like this are as rare as hen's teeth in Australia but my understanding is that they're quite prolific in the Pasadena area? I may be wrong on that, probably have seen too many movies. Speaking of movies, this house is like something from a movie. In fact, years ago when I was doing movie PR, I got to walk around the Arts and Crafts 'house' that was built on a sound stage for Son of the Mask. You'd be surprised how realistic the house was in the inside, it was quite easy to forget that you were on a movie set. Of course in this film, the house was owned by just an ordinary working stiff but this home comes with a fairly hefty price tag of just over USD$4.5 million. Life's not like the movies....

Although I'd love to have a crack at this house and change a few things (paint colours especially), this is a classic example of this genre of house and is worthy of a share.

More information here.


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