Australian Beachside Man Cave

First of all, welcome to the new URL! If you hadn't noticed, you've been linked/redirected to , my new, naughty-word-filter-avoiding website. Have owned the domain for a while but was too lazy to move the site across because I thought it was super hard and I'm not techie. Turns out it actually wasn't hard at all. Go figure. 

1 Greville Street, Clovelly NSW Australia

Before I even start, I need to tell you that this place sold 2 years ago for $3 million which means it's currently worth around $53 million. OK slight exaggeration but only slight.

It really is a bit of a man cave, I'm not going to lie but I really like it. I like how enclosed it is. I guess that sounds odd for a property in a beachside suburb but I do like super private houses. It's like a house from a sitcom about a bunch of hipster friends and they live in this place that no one has any idea how they afford. 

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