Mountain Lakes Craftsman.

132 Lake Drive, Mountain Lakes, NJ USA

This is yet another blast from Mrs C's past. No, I didn't live here unfortunately but I lived about a mile away. OK, in the slightly less salubrious area of Lake Arrowhead but also in a beautiful Craftsman. I tried to find a picture of it on the innerwebs but the best I could come up with was a picture of the driveway (last picture below). 

This house is sort of typical for the area but better. The kitchen in particular is utterly gorgeous and makes up for the colours in some of the bedrooms. But most importantly, it's maintained the Craftsman character and is lovely and warm and welcoming. The wrap around balcony is utterly divine and I covet it. And the price? USD$1.329m. In Australian terms, a total bargain, especially seeing as it's only 45 minutes to Manhattan by car. 

More information here

 ^ My old house. Sorry, best I could do. 


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