Old Meets New

151 Raglan Street, Mosman NSW Australia

Plopped nicely on the Balmoral Slopes end of Raglan Street, this c1893 Mosman beauty, is a fantastic example of old meets new. The front facade of the house has been left untouched while the rear of the home has been turned into a contemporary masterpiece. I generally prefer older style over modern but this home just works and the layout is really well thought out and functional. And the home is situated towards the top of Raglan Street so it is a fairly easy walk to the village. 

As a side tip, if you're even in the area and looking for a good workout, walk or run up Mandolong Road from Balmoral Beach. Everyone always says that the walk up Awaba Street is the worst (it's pretty bad) but have a go at running up Mandolong Road, see how that works out for you. 

More information here.

PS - I am sorry about the pictures, not sure what's happening with the site I get most of my listings from but I think I'm going to have to use another site because this is intolerable.


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