Two of the best in Burradoo.

48-48 Holly Road, Burradoo NSW

I like winter a lot so it's kind of weird that I live where I do because summer's just not my thing. Honestly, the location of my current home is so wasted on me. The Southern Highlands are only just over an hour south west of Sydney but the difference in the climate is quite dramatic and I would definitely live there if my work allowed it. 

Regular readers of this site will know that I have a thing for heated floors but one thing I love more than heated floors is a completely internal courtyard and this house has one of those. I love the privacy an internal courtyard affords as well as, from a practical sense, providing a safe place for the cat to sunbathe. Safe for Boo and safe for the native animals he won't get to eat. Because of that, I can get over some of the other decor which, while quite nice, doesn't seem to suit the kind of house the front entry shows it to be. 

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'Darjoa' 76 Burradoo Road, Burradoo NSW

This home is an absolutely beautiful example of a circa 1930's P&O style home. Obviously it's been staged for sale but it's been done quite well although if it were mine, I'd be getting Thomas Hamel in to sort it out and add even more warmth as well as some colour. I love love love the screened in verandah out back. And the kitchen has an AGA as well as an excellent gas cooker. Top points for that. This house doesn't try quite as hard as the house above but it comes out on top even if it doesn't have one of my beloved internal courtyards. 

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