Spectacular Australian Clifftop Masterpiece

91 Marine Parade, North Avalon (Sydney) NSW

This is another to add to the Places Mrs C Used to Live list. No, I didn't live in this house, it wasn't even built back in the 80's when I lived on this street. I used to live on the less salubrious, non-oceanfront side of the street, directly across the road from this place. For my American readers, this area is kind of like Malibu.

There's no other way to say it, this house is The Business. It is sick as in fully sick, habibi. Do you like UFO's? (who doesn't?) Well this is the place for you because allegedly, Bangalley Head (the name of the headland this house is on) is a UFO sighting hotspot. Cooooool. Nanoo Nanoo. 

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